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The Art of Putting on a Fashion Show

Fashion shows are a great way to show off a new local talent or fundraise for a community event. To get organized, all you need is a theme, a thoughtful program of events and a good team to pull everything together. You’ll also want to think about a location and date. For the event, you will also need music and decorations. Your team will also need to consider the models, hair and makeup stylists and the lighting and sound people who will make the show a success. While it takes many people to make a fashion show a success, when you pull together all of their talents, it will be a show worth watching. Also, you need to develop a program of the designers that you want to feature so that you can organize the models, music and lighting.


Tips for Planning an Engagement Party

An engagement party is the perfect opportunity to bring together family and friends to celebrate a newly engaged couple. While friends may offer their congratulations when they hear the news, a party is a way to bring everyone together as some, such as parents, may have not met each other yet.


Planning a Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Event: The Guest List

For the nonprofit agency looking to bring awareness to their organization and its mission, Ervay Theater’s unique event management services can help brand their events to increase interest, encourage participation and ultimately positively impact the community.


Does My Private Event Need Security: Issues to Consider

If you or your company hosts events regularly, then there is no denying the imроrtаnсе оf орting fоr private еvеnt ѕесuritу ѕеrviсеѕ.  If you haven’t planned these types of events before, the planning for and hiring security services may seem daunting.


7 Important Tips for Selecting and Working with a Caterer for your Wedding

Are you looking forward to your wedding which is, literally, one of your biggest days? Well, there is no doubt then that hiring and working with a caterer in any Dallas wedding reception venue is one of the areas that you will really need to pay a close attention to. From the moment that you start talking with area caterers, you need to consider the process so that you aren’t disappointed on your big day.