An engagement party is the perfect opportunity to bring together family and friends to celebrate a newly engaged couple. While friends may offer their congratulations when they hear the news, a party is a way to bring everyone together as some, such as parents, may have not met each other yet.

When to Hold an Engagement Party
Engagement parties are typically help in the weeks following to proposal but often before the serious wedding planning begins. If there are guests coming from long distances, invitations should be sent a month before the event. These can be simple e-invitations.

Who Hosts the Event?
Traditionally, it is the bride’s parent who host the engagement party. If the groom’s parents also want to host an event, they can. Another option is for both sets of parents to co-host the event. Friends or members of the wedding party can also come together to host an engagement party. There are no hard and fast rules today.

Who’s Invited?
In the past, everyone invited to an engagement party was also invited to the wedding. Due to today’s lifestyle and friends who live far away, this is not particularly true. If some friends and coworkers want to hold an informal party at a neighborhood restaurant, or the parent want to hold a small party with their friends and business colleagues, it is no longer a guarantee of a wedding invitation. It is simply a good time together celebrating the couples upcoming marriage.

Activities at the Party
Engagement parties, unlike wedding showers, are not centered on gift giving, though some guest will bring a gift. This time should be spent spending time together eating and drinking. The couple can introduce friends who may have not met before and spend time with old friends. At some point, the host should saw a few words of welcome and congratulations. Some also include a few wedding games to get guests interacting with one another.

Food and Drinks
The food and drinks don’t have to be elaborate for an engagement party. They can be tailored to the location or themed to some of the couple’s favorite things. In this way, there can be hors d’oeuvres, a buffet or even a backyard barbeque. This is where the hosts can get creative.

The Location
This is another area where it depends on the host. While a party in someone’s home or a restaurant can work, these locations have limitations. An event space, such as Ervay Theater, can give the host everything they need for an engagement party in one location. With onsite gated parking, lighting, sound system and dance floor, it’s a space ready for a party.