For the nonprofit agency looking to bring awareness to their organization and its mission, Ervay Theater’s unique event management services can help brand their events to increase interest, encourage participation and ultimately positively impact the community.

Ervay Theater staff understand the power that shared experiences have to inspire new opportunities. They will work with the nonprofit to develop events that will drive their organization’s success. They believe that each customized experience can be extraordinary, memorable and rewarding to everyone who participates.

They produce a one-of-a-kind events to meet each organization’s needs including: fundraising galas, donor engagement events and volunteer appreciation parties, to name a few. Share your event objectives with them and the Ervay Theater team will work with you to create a truly unforgettable special event around those goals.

Here are a few simple tips for planning events that engage donors.

Invite the Right Guests – The guest list will be built around the organization’s goal for the event. While nonprofits will invite current and potential patrons, it’s not prudent to only invite individuals based on their wealth. Nonprofit organizations also need individuals who are truly invested in the mission of the organization. Significant donors and community leaders receive many event invitations through the year. While they don’t attend every event, they are at the events held by nonprofits where they have a personal connection with the mission and staff.

Personalize the Message – Personalized messages create a feeling of connection between the invitation recipient and the nonprofit organization. This is a personal touch that gets noticed. By adding some individualization or special message to guests and sponsors, there will be an increase in attendance and support of the fundraising event. For large donors or influential community leaders that the agency would like to have supporting their efforts, a handwritten message on the printed invitation by the executive director or board chairman is a special touch.

Send Email and Paper Invitations – In today’s connected world, some people prefer an email invitation while others would rather receive a paper invitation. To handle this, many nonprofits will email a ‘Save the Date’ invitation. This can then be followed by a traditional paper invitation.

When nonprofits are planning special fundraising events, the guest lists and attendance numbers are particularly important for the overall success of the event. These are just a few suggestions to get started with. The team at Ervay Theater, a premier Dallas event venue, will help with the overall event planning nonprofits organizations may need to pull off successful events.