If you or your company hosts events regularly, then there is no denying the imроrtаnсе оf орting fоr private еvеnt ѕесuritу ѕеrviсеѕ.  If you haven’t planned these types of events before, the planning for and hiring security services may seem daunting.

An online search will return the names of a number of event security providers in the Dallas area.  Many providers can provide a full complement of staff for events including valet, servers, bartenders, security staff, etc.  These temporary staff will help the private event run smoothly and provide security at the same time.  Most companies can provide unarmed security staff members or off duty cops based on your preferences and event needs.

When planning an event, it is essential to consider the safety of both staff and guests. Successful events are the result of sound planning.  When security considerations are addressed, guests focus on the party and staff are able to their work without concern.  If security staff are hired, they should be qualified, highly trained and very professional.  If you determine that you need security staff with additional qualifications, most agencies will be able to supply off-duty police.


The cost of event security will vary greatly based on the size and skills of the security team needed for an event.   Prices will also differ from one agency to another.  If possible, get recommendations from colleagues or from the venue when researching potential event security solutions.

While you are looking at potential security providers, make sure that they will be able to provide the service at the particular event location.  Most security companies serve specific geographic areas.  So, it is best to determine this upfront.

With forethought, planning and diligence, you can make sure that your private event is secure so that everyone can focus on having a great time.  The staff at Ervay Theater, a premier Dallas party venue, will work with you to make your event truly special.  Whether you are hosting a birthday, retirement or going away party, if you invest some time and consideration, it will be a memorable time for everyone.