Wrapping up your wedding celebration with a great reception can raise your excitement level to the peak. To perfect your wedding reception, your choice of theme for decorations is very important. These are the aspects that visually attract the guests and set the room’s ambiance before the bride and groom eventually arrive. Your Dallas wedding reception venue also plays a key role in the kind of décor or theme you use. Discussed below are some tips to make your wedding reception decorations memorable.

1. Choose Your Wedding Theme

There are different kinds of themes you and your partner can choose from like a cultural theme, western motifs, Arabian nights theme or a more traditional theme. If you are confused on which one to choose, visit various wedding websites and magazines to peruse photographs of past events. With a few ideas in mind, you and your partner can decide what truly represents your style.

2. Choose the main color

After choosing your main theme, the next step is to choose the color scheme of your reception. Note that the color scheme you choose should coordinate with any theme and decorations that you choose.  For instance, if you choose to use exotic Arabian decorations, that has definite color themes. Sometimes too, your color scheme will reflect in your attire and that of your guests.

3. Choose your lighting style

The next step is to perfect the nuance with lighting. Lighting plays a significant role by highlighting the main decorations to make the room appealing to your guests. You can display some colorful lighting at the background of your decoration or create focal points in the space to make it more real and perfect. If you choose a premium Dallas wedding reception venue, you probably will not have any issue with lighting.

4. Select the Tabletop Decorations and Guest Book Area

The guest book area and the tabletop decorations are places where you can easily incorporate flowers and any decorative elements that reflect the theme and colors of your reception. Be creative and thoughtful when considering these areas because with a small investment that can set the tone for the whole event.

Choosing a Dallas wedding reception venue

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