Planning a successful corporate event can be a challenging task. Events like this can be beneficial to the growth of the business, improve networking by meeting new people and also make professional known in their field. They are also a great way for people within different departments within a company to get to know one another. These opportunities can improve future collaborations within a single company.

With the potential for future outcomes, it’s important that corporate networking events are planned carefully. Easily avoidable mistakes can affect the success of the event.

Here are some tips that will help plan a successful event:

Have a deep understanding of the purpose of your event

Why do you want to host the event? What do you want attendees to gain? What is the ultimate goal of the event? These are essential questions you need to answer in order to host a successful event.

Set a date

Before you select a date and time for the event, be sure it won’t clash with any holidays or other events guests may be included in. You should convey the date and time to your guests at least six weeks before the event, so that they can add it to their schedule and also prepare themselves for the event.

Prepare the budget

Have a rough estimate of the prices of all the services and equipment you will need for your event. This will help protect your pocket.


Planning a corporate event requires a convenient location. While some networking events may be held onsite at the company headquarters, there are distinct advantages to having everyone gather at a off site location after hours. Attendees will be more relaxed away from the spaces where they normally work. Before booking a venue, check on its accessibility and access to sufficient parking.

Prepare the guest list

How many people do you want at your event? When planning a networking event, a manageable guest list ensures that everyone has the opportunity to meet and interact with one another. If there are too many attendees, the event can feel overcrowded and intimidating. To determine the optimal number of guests, consider the size of the venue and the available budget.

Plan your program

Plan a short program that welcomes everyone and provides some information that promotes interactions among guests. The program can be broken into specific areas to focus discussion on specific topics or areas of interest. To maintain conversations, these topic areas can be shifted within set time frames so that the groups will periodically change. This allows attendees to mix beyond their initial discussion group and meet new people. The goal of a networking events is for attendees to meet most of the other attendees so strategies that facilitate this type of mixing are appropriate.

Create time for networking

Let your guest introduce themselves to each other to meet new business colleagues and identify areas of common interests. Most importantly let them have fun. Networking events are generally held outside of business hours so having fun creates new relationships and can result in idea generation for current and future work projects.

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