Holidays are literally just around the corner. Some of us are planning large parties with family and friends, and some of us were the lucky ones selected to plan this year’s corporate holiday party. No matter what type of event you are planning, these tips will help you get started and ensure you and your guests have a great time!

1. Get the basics

Determining your guest count and budget are the first things you need to iron out. These two things help determine what type of venue you will be looking for, what type of food, and how much money you can dedicate towards decorations and entertainment.

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2. Pick a date… or two

Holidays are busy times for everyone, especially those in the event industry. So, having a backup date just in case your initial date turns out to be a popular one can be good idea.

3. Pick your venue

This is one of the biggest decisions in your entire planning process. The venue sets the vibe for the whole event. You want to make sure you pick a venue that is the appropriate size, style, and location for your guests. Picking a venue that is too big for your guest count can leave your event feeling empty. If you are hosting a holiday party for family & friends, you may not have considered booking a venue, but why not? Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning this holiday!

4. Food & Drinks

There can be lots of factors that come into play when deciding what type of food you want to serve for your event. Like the time of day for example. If you hosted your event during brunch, you can choose lighter bites. You can also opt for a happy hour type event and do appetizers and desserts. These catering options can also be easier on your budget. Or, you can go all out an do a full meal. You will also want to consider whether you want alcohol served at your event, and if so, do you want beer and wine or a full bar? Some venues offer bartending services in house which save you the hassle of trying to contact a bartending service in the hopes that they aren’t booked yet for your date. Ervay Theater, for example offers bartending services and the option to use our preferred caterer. Talk about a time saver for you!

5. Entertainment

Of course guests will mingle and have a good time, but you definitely want to have something interactive for your guests to entertain themselves with. Music is always a good choice! If you are doing a more upscale event, you can have a live band or you can do the more budget friendly option, but just as fun, of booking a DJ. Photo booths and oversized games such as giant Jenga are always a hit as well.

We hope these tips will help you as you begin brainstorming for your next event. If you need some more guidance, give us a call. Ervay Theater offers several unique package options, and we have a great list of vendors to refer. You can be certain that your event is in good hands with us. Happy planning!